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LeadGenDone is your dedicated partner for achieving sales growth. With a team of experienced professionals, including founders with over 15 years of expertise in IT sales and lead generation, we specialize in providing effective lead generation, training, coaching, and business development consultation services to optimize your sales processes and drive revenue.




Unleash the power of our dynamic lead generation strategies. From email marketing to social media engagement, we employ a diverse range of channels to capture and convert high-quality leads, driving tangible results for your business. Our Clients have learnt a lot from the following.

Email Marketing

 We leverage personalized, engaging email campaigns to reach your target audience, nurture relationships, and generate leads.

Facebook Lead Generation

With targeted ad campaigns and strategically crafted content, we capitalize on Facebook’s broad user base to capture high-potential leads.

Google Lead Generation

 Utilizing Google’s suite of tools, including Google Ads and Google Analytics, we identify and target potential leads across various digital touchpoints.

Cold Calling

Though a traditional method, cold calling still holds value. Our team of skilled communicators will reach out directly to potential leads, ensuring your service or product is top-of-mind.

Direct Messaging via Social Channels

 We employ direct engagement through social media platforms, using personalized messages to attract and convert potential leads.

Community Building

 By participating and contributing to relevant online communities and forums, we cultivate relationships that can yield high-quality leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to tap into its network of professionals and generate warm leads for your business.

Sales Landing Page Funnels

We design and implement effective landing page funnels to capture visitor information, optimizing conversion rates, and driving lead generation.

Content Marketing

 Through blog posts, white papers, webinars, and more, we create valuable content that attracts and engages your target audience, prompting them to share their contact details.


By optimizing your online presence for search engines, we help you rank higher in search results, enhancing visibility and attracting organic, high-quality leads.

Event Marketing

We leverage both virtual and physical events to connect with potential customers, network, and generate leads for your business.



Strategic Consultation

Tailored lead generation strategies to meet your business needs, including guidance on brand building, data extraction, LinkedIn outreach, and more.


Lead Generation Training

Comprehensive training programs that equip agencies and freelancers with the skills to generate their own high-quality leads across multiple channels.


Industry Specific Expertise

Deep understanding of diverse industries, enabling us to provide industry-tailored insights and strategies for effective lead generation.


Subscription Model

Choose from our 3-month Boot Camp, hourly consultation, or agency BD consultation subscriptions, gaining access to valuable resources and personalized support for ongoing lead generation success.


Proven Track Record

With over 15 years of experience, we have a successful history of generating thousands of leads for clients, ensuring your business is in capable hands.


Business Growth Focus

We take a holistic approach, combining lead generation expertise with strategic guidance, to drive overall business growth and propel your sales to new heights.


Our Process

Strategy and Roadmap from First Interaction to Generation of Leads

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Understanding your business needs, challenges, and target audience.

Step 2 - Strategy Formulation

Creating a tailored lead generation strategy based on your business requirements.

Step 3 - Implementation

Launching the strategy while ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes.

Step 4 - Lead Generation

Proactively helping your team for sourcing and getting warm leads.

Step 5 - Ongoing Support

 Ongoing Support: Continually monitoring and adjusting the strategy as needed to maximize results.

Step 6 - Regular Reporting

 Providing you with reports on your lead generation performance, giving insights into your sales progress.


Tons of agencies and startups gained growth with our lead gen services and digital growth strategies




  • Problem Identification

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Opportunities

  • Financial Dropdown Diagnostic

  • Suggestions to Improve BD Operations

  • High Level Strategy


Agency BD
1 on 1
PER MONTH(6 Months Contract)

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Devising Strategies

  • Resource Allocation

  • Roles Definition

  • Setting Up Sales Team

  • Setting Up Sales Process

  • Sales Training

  • Data Extraction & Validation

  • Cold Outreach via Different Social Platforms

  • LinkedIn Messaging

  • Cold Calls

  • Customized Emails

  • Negotiation

  • Cross Selling

  • Upselling

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Closing

  • KPI Analysis

  • Performance Management


3 Months
Training &
(Boot Camp)
  • SWOT Analysis

  • Brand Building (Brand Making and Mindset)

  • Upwork

  • Data Extraction & Validation

  • LinkedIn Outreach

  • Email Marketing

  • Authority Building & Inbound Lead Generation

  • Cold Calls

  • Facebook Lead Gen (Usama Tamimi)

  • PPC

  • Expos & Road Shows

  • How to close high ticket clients

  • Scalable business models

  • SEO

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Objection Handling & Q and A

  • Follow Up of execution issues and Q & A

With LeadGenDone, You can focus on closing the deals, knowing your pipeline is continually filled with high-quality lead. We offer three comprehensive pricing models designed to empower IT companies and freelancers to generate high-quality IT leads and boost sales. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and take your business to new heights.



Why Would
Someone Hire

Our team’s collective experience of over 15 years in lead generation assures you of our capabilities.Our subscription model ensures a predictable number of warm leads each month, setting your mind at ease.We offer tailored solutions, understanding that each business is unique. to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.